Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tap In


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
Leaf - Kim Short <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*Leaf Maisntore*
Nani Banani - Tap in Poses & Backdrop {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*Nani Banani Mainstore*

Monday, January 18, 2021

On Hold


>>*eBENTO* January 11-31
>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
BBK: Riana Red BOM {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*BBK: Mainstore*
-[ Phy.Ka ]- 003 - Pasties + Cover Pompadour <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*-[ Phy.Ka ]- Mainstore*
#Mewsery - Sweat [Bento] Pose2A {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*#Mewsery Mainstore*
>Sibilla>061 VISIONAIR <Kupra> {Thank You}
*>Sibilla> Mainstore*
ADN Ladyqueen Boots <Kupra> {Thank You}
*ADN Mainstore*

Ice Queen


 >>*Midwinter Fair* January 16-26
*LuLu* IceQueen <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Midwinter Fair*
**LuLu* Mainstore**
!IT! - Noble Set Fatpack {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
*Indulge Temptation Mainstore*
* TentatioN * FROZEN MakeUp - Lelutka Evo {Thank You}
** TentatioN * Mainstore**
*CORE Mainstore*

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Paragon_Lexy Twerkout


>>*EQUAL10* January 10 - Febraury 5
>>*TMD* January 5- 30
>>eBENTO* January 11-31
Paragon_Lexy Twerkout V.1 Dance {Thank You} *EQUAL10*
Paragon_Hugh Hip Hop Dance Pack {Thank You} *TMD*
*Paragon Dance Animations Mainstore*
no.match_ ~ NO_EX ~ all COLORS {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*no.match_~ Mainstore*
ADN Ladyqueen Boots <Kupra> {Thank You}
*ADN Mainstore*
Best Twerk Hip Hop Mix 2020 by Subsonic Squad

Please Don’t Go


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
[AB] Cobra Dress Gold <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*American Bazaar Mainstore*
YORKE- Riah Platforms <Slink> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*YORKE Mainstore*

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mind Control


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
[Pawesome!] Marie Set - <Legacy> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*[Pawesome!] Mainstore*
#Mewsery - Sweat [Bento] Pose Pack3A {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*#Mewsery Mainstore*

Getting It In!


[BB] Belzebubble - Crop Top - Debbie <Legacy> {Thank You}
*[BB] Belzebubble Mainstore*
+MB+ Jogger Shorts <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Muggleborn Mainstore*
ALANTORI - Sky Sneakers Pink <Legacy> {Thank You}
*ALANTORI Mainstore*

Friday, January 15, 2021

Mio, Mio, Mio!


[DP] - DCP0037 - Morning Coffee {Thank You}
*Darcio Poses Mainstore*

Patiently Waiting


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
[hh] Serenity Set <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
[hh] Brooke Heels <Kupra> {Thank You}
*Hilly Haalan Maisntore*

Can Never Have Enough

>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
-[ Phy.Ka ] - Corset Pompadour <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
-[ Phy.Ka ]- 003 - Pasties + Cover Pompadour <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*-[ Phy.Ka ]- Mainstore*
OG. Boujee Poses 4M, & 5M {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*Olivia Golden Marketplace*
.:.CoCoChes.:. Candy Overknee Extreme Boots <Kupra> {Thank You}
*.:.CoCoChes.:. Marketplace*


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Can’t Handle Me

>>*Orsy Event* January 9-23
>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
.::Supernatural::. Shayla Belly Chain <Kupra> {Thank You} *Orsy*
*.::Supernatural::. Mainstore*
Avada~ Stiletto Nails - Harlow <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*Avada~ Mainstore*
.: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier The Lair {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*.: Vegas :. Mainstore*

Trouble Makers!


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
>>*Unik Event* January 7-28
Tantrum - Claire Romper <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*Tantrum Mainstore*
.::Supernatural::. Ciara Necklace Fatpack {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*.::Supernatural::. Mainstore*
The Bearded Guy Hu Baby Living *RARE* - Looking Happy {Thank You} *Unik*
*The Bearded Guy Mainstore*
ALANTORI - Gaby Hair {Thank You}
*ALANTORI Mainstore*

His Babygirl


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
>>*Unik Event* January 7-28
[Misfit] "Sin" Shorts - Fatpack <Kupra> {Thank You}
*[Misfit] Mainstore*
The Bearded Guy Coseta Gold - Looking Happy {Thank You} *Unik*
*The Bearded Guy Mainstore*

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What’s for Lunch?

>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
>>*TWE12VE* January 12-31
Glitter IRINA Fitmesh Outfit Acqua {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Glitter Mainstore*
Sintiklia - Hair Faithe {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Sintiklia Mainstore*
*CRF* Mixed Flowers Glass Table Vase {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
*Cherry Rain Florals Mainstore*

Lets go Skiing

>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
[ADD] Erin Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[ADD] Maisntore*

Love You!


>>*#BIGGIRL* January 15 - February 5
lauve :: Spring Day Dress <Kupra> {Thank You} *#BIGGIRL*
*lauve Mainstore*
#Mewsery - Lovesick Earrings [FatPack] {Thank You}
*#Mewsery Mainstore*

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Snack Time


[HC] Filly Heels, Mini & Sweater <Kupra> {Thank You}
*Hopes Creations Mainstore*

In the Moment


>>*KINKY Event* December 28 - January 22
>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
.::Supernatural::. Aija Body Jewerly <Kupra> {Thank You} *KINKY Event*
*.::Supernatural::. Mainstore*
[DP] - Self Pleasure 4-Pose Set {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Darcio Poses Mainstore*
>Sibilla>082_BALERA FUFFY {Thank You}
*>Sibilla> Mainstore*

Voices in My Head


*[FORMANAILS] Mainstore

Go Green!


>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
!MOZ "Gypsy" Boho Gaucho <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
!MOZ Leather Saddle Bag Belt <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
!MOZ Gabriel Cold Shoulder Sweater {Thank You}
!MOZ "Rachel" Lace Up Ankle Boot {Thank You}
*!MOZ Maisntore*

Monday, January 11, 2021

One Night in Paris

>>*eBENTO* January 11-30
>>*Beauty Event* December 21 - January 11
***ArisArisB&W~Legend Outfit~ <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
****ArisArisB&W~ Mainstore*
no.match_ ~ NO_EX ~ BLACK PaSsiON HUD {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*no.match_ Mainstore*
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Olivia {Thank You} *Beauty Event*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt Mainstore*
[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Mykonos Sunglasses - Neutrals {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Mainstore*


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Flower Girl


*Vanity Event* January 4-25
1 Hundred. Flower Girl. Lemon <Kupra> {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
*1 Hundred. Mainstore*
Nani Banani - Kawaii Loven Poses - Collection One {Thank You}
*Nani Banani Mainstore*

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Waiting too Long


*Saturday Sale* January 9-14
{XXX}Dezi Skirt & Top <Kupra> {Thank You} *Saturday Sale*
*{XXX} Mainstore*
.EscalateD. Everly Nat. Essen. Universal HUD {Thank You}
*.EscalateD. Mainstore*

Garden Secrets


ADN Flower Power <Legacy> {Thank You}
*ADN Maisntore*
*CORE Mainstore*
Vanity Hair::Bluebell {Thank You}
*Vanity Hair Maisntore*
Jinx : Harpy Legs {Thank You}
*Jinx Mainstore*
#Mewsery: Brat [Bento] Pos 1A
*#Mewsery Mainstore*

Friday, January 8, 2021

That’s How I Roll!


>>*UniK Event* January 7-28
The Bearded Guy Palma Red - Looking Happy {Thank You} *UniK Event*
*The Bearded Guy Mainstore*
{XXX} Deasia Pants  Cherry <Kupra> {Thank You} *Weekend Promo*
{XXX} Deasia Top Noir <Kupra> {Thank You} *Weekend Promo*
*{XXX} Mainstore*

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Going NiNi~

[HC] Eidra Shortie Pyjamas <Legacy> {Thank You}
[HC] Eidra Unicorn Slippers <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Hopes Creations Mainstore*
#Mewsery - Honey [Bento] Pose 1a {Thank You}
*#Mewsery Mainstore*

Paragon_Hugh - Hip Hop Dance

 >>*The Mens Depot* January 5-30
Paragon_Hugh - Hip Hop Dance {Thank You} *TMD*
Paragon Dance Animations
Chris Brown, Young Thug - City Girls



sass [bonnie] lingerie <Legacy> {Thank You} *$50 Energy Weekend*
*sass Mainstore*
Synnergy The Blue Room Backdrop {Thank You} *Golden Days*
Synnergy Flirty Vol 1 Bento Pose Set {Thank You} *Golden Days*
*Synnergy Mainstore*

Snow Queen

.Q. Celebrate <Kupra> {Thank You}
*QUEENZ Mainstore*

Wednesday, January 6, 2021



>>*UniK Event* January 7-28
>>*Miix Event* January 6-
.:I ProFect I:.Zoe  Eyes <Kupra> {Thank You} *UniK Event*
*.:I ProFect I:. Maisntore*
A R T E - Anette Lipgloss [HD Genus] {Thank You} *Miix Event*
*A R T E Mainstore*
!IT! - Serendipity Set  Fatpack {Thank You}
*!IT! Marketplace*

Ain’t Mad at Ya


>>*Vanity Event* January 4-25
>>*The Darkness Event* January 5-28
::OOPS:: Pentacles Glasses {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
::OOPS:: Lilith Dress <Maitreya> {Thank You} *The Darkness Event*
*::OOPS:: Mainstore*

Bold & Beautiful


>>*The Makeover Room* January 2-26
Zibska ~ Galaway Eyemakeup & Lips {Thank You} *The Makeover Room*
*Zibska Mainstore*
ADN Audria <Kupra> {Thank You}
*ADN Mainstore*

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Oh Happy Day!

>>*UniK Event* January 7-28
LIVIA::Myah Lipgloss [Genus+BOM] {Thank You} *Unik Event*
*LIVIA Mainstore*
[hh] Hill's Jewelry Set <Group Gift> {Thank You}
*Hilly Haalan Mainstore*
~GD~Queenin'(Lilim Claws) <Kupra> {Thank You}
*Gorgeous Dolls Mainstore*

Alpaca Love


>>*FaMESHed* January 2-27
:::Phoenix::: Kacie Hair Fatpack {Thank You} *FaMESHed*
*:::Phoenix::: Mainstore*
_CandyDoll_ Kacie Coat Phatpack {Thank You} *FaMESHed*
*_CandyDoll_ Mainstore*
MOoH! Spicy thigh socks {Thank You}
*MOoH! Mainstore*

Sunday, January 3, 2021



[hh] Erin Nipple Piercing <Kupra> {Thank You}
*Hilly Haalan Mainsntore*
>Sibilla>065 G-STRING <Kupra> {Thank You}
*>Sibilla> Mainstore*
#Mewsery - Bae [bento] Pose2b {Thank You}
*#Mewsery Mainstore*



>>*Warehouse* December 23 - January 18
Violetility - Luna Sofa [ADULT] {Thank You} *Warehouse*
*Violetility Mainstore*
[WitchCraft] Domina Body <Maitreya> {Thank You}
*[WitchCraft] Mainstore*

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Body Ody


>>*Saturday Sale* January 2-7
{XXX}Body Set  Black <Kupra> {Thank You} *Saturday Sale*
*{XXX} Mainstore*
Nani Banani - Body Ody Backdrop {Thank You}
Nani Banani - Body Ody Poses Coll. One {Thank You}
*Nani Banani Mainstore*

Friday, January 1, 2021


 [HC] Eidra Unicorn Slippers <Slink> {Thank You}
*Hopes Creations Mainstore*
**These fit Kupra Body {Which I'm wearing in Pic}