Friday, July 10, 2020

Fool Moon

*[HC]* Keisha Boots, Skirt & Tube <Legacy> {Thank You}
***SN~* Fool Moon {Thank You} *Super Sales Weekend*

Pick a Card... Any Card!

>>*Down the Rabbit Hole* July 11th-21st
L2L Tweedles Outfit <Dinkies> {Thank You} *DTRH*
*L2L* Mainstore
<MC> Throw cards pose <Gift> {Thank You} *DTRH*
*<Midntye Creations>* Mainstore

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dazed n Confused

>>*Unik*  July 7th-28th
>>*WIP Event* July 2nd- 22nd
B BOS - Angy Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *Unik*
B BOS - Missy Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *WIP Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore
*.EscalateD.* Stormy {Thank You}

Rise n Shine

*(*<*) 1313* Flannels Boxers & Halter <Legacy> {Thank You}

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Ready to Chill

>>*Suicide DollZ* July 5th-15th
>>*TBBH10* July 3-31st
ZBlack   Amara Body Blogger <Legacy> {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*ZBlack* Mainstore
!!Firelight!! Candie Red Gradient {Thank You} *TBBH10*
*!!Firelight!!* Mainstore
"Freda" Rolled Beach Towel {Thank You} *TBBH10*
*"Freda"* Mainstore

Catchin’ Rays

>>*Suicide DollZ* July 5th-15th
sass [paola] swimsuit set 1 <Legacy> {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*sass* Mainstore
things&stuffs-[gothic-summer] {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*things&stuffs* Mainstore

Last Stop

>>*Suicide DollZ* July 5th-15th
Nana - Georgia Teal Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*Nana* Mainstore
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* MY BEATRIZ Fucsia 1 {Thank You}