Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Jack n Me!

>>*Vanity* October 4 
::OOPS: Monarch Wire Glasses & Bindi {Thank You} *Vanity*
*::OOPS:* Mainstore
*#aesthetic.* // Spooky Lingerie <Legacy> {Thank You}
*The Bearded Guy* 10 Bad Pumpkin - Jalowin Neon Backdrops {Thank You}

Candy is Dandy!


>>*Makeover Room* Ocrober 1-26
CORE FOOTLESS FISHNETS 27 {Thank You} *Makeover Room*
*CORE* Mainstore
*ALANTORI* - Mine Hair {Thank You}
*Enigma Apparel* Daisy Set <Legacy> {Thank You}

Tuesday, September 29, 2020



>>*Uber* September 25 - October 22
>>*Harajuku* September 20th - October 10th
[BB] Belzebubble - Sporty Sweater Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *Uber*
*[BB] Belzebubble* Mainstore
[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Luv Drip Pack {Thank You} *Harajuku*
[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Boba Whip Pack {Thank You} *Harajuku*
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Mainstore



TREND - Fame Eyeshadow - Fatpack {Thank You}
TREND - Alice Lips - Fatpack {Thank You}
*TREND* Mainstore
*ADN* Rihana <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You}
LIVIA // Mix It Bento Nails <Tonic> {Thank You}
LIVIA // Mina Bento Ring Set <Tonic> {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore
*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v7.0 {Thank You}

Monday, September 28, 2020

Forgive Me Father, for I Have Sinned

>>*Mixx Event* September 30 - October 20
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Gotham {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore
*.:I ProFect I:.* Senna  Eyes {Thank You}
ArisArisB&W~AlCo13 - LoVe Denim Dress <Legacy> {Thank You}
*ArisArisB&W* Mainstore
*.::Supernatural::.* Julien Choker {Thank You}

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Hello Officer!

>>*The Warehouse Sale* September 23 - October 19
Violetility - Scrap Bed [ADULT] {Thank You} *The Warehouse Sale*
*Violetility* Mainstore
*Junk Food* - Taco Tray {Thank You}


Saturday, September 26, 2020

More Than Words...


>>*Black Fair* September 12-26
.:Short Leash:. The Contract Set {Thank You} *Black Fair*
*.:Short Leash:.* Mainstore


Back to School

>>*Cosmopolitan* September 21 - October 3
Entice - Brand New Day - MEGA FATPACK <Legacy> {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
*Entice* Mainstore 


Friday, September 25, 2020

While You Were Gone...

*+Muggleborn+* Clio Lingerie  <Legacy> {Thank You}


It Was All a Dream

>>*SaNaRae* September 26 - October 17
{WitchCraft} Pastel Babe Panties <Legacy> {Thank You} *SaNaRae*
*{WitchCraft}* Mainstore
*TREND* - Babylon Lip Gloss {Thank You}

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Goodnight Moon


*sass* [annabelle babydoll] set 1 <Legacy> {Thank You}
[$50L this weekend ONLY for ENERGY Weekend]

La vie est Belle

*ADN* APHRODITE <Legacy> {Thank You}
*The Bearded Guy* Paris *RARE* - Around The World Booths

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Boarding Now, See You Soon!

>>*SENSE Event* September 18 - October 8
*B.D.R.* Solana -Dress- <Legacy> {Thank You} *SENSE Event*
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cherry Pop!

Sweet Evil Sexy Top . Pattern HUD <Legacy> {Thank You}
Sweet Evil Torn Up Jeans . Color HUD <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Sweet Evil* Mainstore
*~Gorgeous Dolls~*Feeling Myself(Iced Diva Talonz) <Legacy> {Thank You}


Get Your Halo Dirty

>>*SENSE Event* September 18 - October 8
B BOS - Muxu Top/Short <Maitreya> {Thank You} *SENSE Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore 


Monday, September 21, 2020

911: I'm Being Followed

>>*Dubai* September 20 - October 10
Mechanic Red - Subway - Color Travel {Thank You} *Dubai*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
ArisArisB&W~AlCo12~Cherish Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
In-World PROMO: 99L$
Group: 89L$
Marketplace: 299L$

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Euphite: Sorceress of the Moon

>>*The Liaison Collaborative* September 3-26
>>*Vanity Event* September 15 - October 8
Jinx : Apoc Set for the Cen-Lightaur {Thank You} *TLC*
Jinx : Cen-Lightaur {Thank You}
*Jinx* Mainstore
A R T E - Doll Eyes {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
*A R T E* Mainstore
*Vanity Hair*::Dang {Thank You}
** TentatioN ** Tattoo FACE #2 {Thank You}

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Wanna Race?


>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
*OPTMUS Race* Mainstore


Witchy Woman

>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
>>*Vanity Event* September 15 - October 8
A R T E - Husky Blue Eyes {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*A R T E* Mainstore
RichB. Maudit Nose Chain {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*RichB.* Mainstore
-[CL]- Face Tattoo # 20 BOM ONLY {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Clever Language* Mainstore
::OOPS:: Azazel Glasses & Bindi {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
*::OOPS::* Mainstore
TREND - Diana Eyeshadow <Group Gift 9/20> {Thank You}
TREND - Alice Natural Lips BOM 6 {Thank You}
*TREND* Mainstore
*.EscalateD.* Insomnia {Thank You}
*#aesthetic.* // Crybaby Top <Legacy> {Thank You}

Friday, September 18, 2020

Yummi Gummi’s

*:::Phoenix:::* Sandy Hair {Thank You}
*adorsy* - Tatjana Set <Maitreya> {Thank You}
*Junk Food* - Gummi Worm Takeout {Thank You}

Garden Dwellers

>>*Wanderlust Weekend* September 18-19
Jinx : Petit Ruth 0.4 sized avatar {Thank You}
Jinx : Aerilyn Bento Head for Petites (2.0) {Thank You}
Jinx : Sheena Bronze (for Petites) {Thank You}
*Jinx* Mainstore

Hey BooBoo!

>>*We Love Roleplay* September 4-20
Jinx : Bento Bear Avatar {Thank You} *We Love Roleplay*
*Jinx* Mainstore



*Hilly Haalan* Willow Outfit <Hourglass> {Thank You}
*Vanity Hair*::God's Plan {Thank You}


Thursday, September 17, 2020


>>*101L Event* September 19 - October 13
Zibska ~ Algar Deux & Eyemakeup {Thank You} *101L Event*
Zibska ~ Blacktop Deux Lips BOM Pack {Thank You} *101L Event*
*Zibska* Mainstore

Midnight Breeze

>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
Glitter Ambra Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Glitter* Mainstore
AURORA Shelby Boots <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*AURORA* Mainstore

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Breaking Out the Bubbly!

>>*Collab 88* September 8 - October 6
>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
>>*TWE12VE* September 12-30
.::Supernatural::. Grace Set {Thank You} *Collab 88*
.::Supernatural::. Londyn Anklets {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
[ADD] Diana Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[ADD]* Mainstore
**SN~ Let's Party {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
***Something New~* Mainstore


>>*Manly Arena* September 10 - October 3
.:Short Leash:. Gent's Essentials Tray {Thank You} *Manly Arena*
.:Short Leash:. Public Disgrace Sign {Thank You}
*.:Short Leash:.* Mainstore

Pop My Bubble!

>>*Black Fair* September 12-26
>>*TWE12VE* September 12-30
>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
.:I ProFect I:. Moice  Eyes {Thank You} *Black Fair*
*.:I ProFect I:.* Mainstore
ZFG PARDITA <Legacy> {Thank You} *Black Fair*
*Zero Fucks Given* Mainstore
- Blow-Up - Bento Bubble Gum V1.3 {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*- Blow-Up -* Mainstore
*TREND* - Replay Eyeshadow BOM#3 {Thank You}
*TREND Marketplace*
*Nani Banani* - Favorite Pin -Up GIrl Pose 5 {Thank You}

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I Remember When

*Hilly Haalan* Skyla Outfit <Hourglass> {Thank You}
*Joplino* Backdrop Abandoned Playground {Thank You}

Daddy Can Fix It, Yes He Can!

>>*Spoon Full of Sugar* September 5-30
**SN~ Box Can Fix It! {Thank You} *Spoon Full of Sugar*
***SN~* Mainstore

Heading Home

>>*Access* September 12 - October 8
.::Supernatural::. Dua Necklace {Thank You} *Access*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
*ADN* Grindcore <Legacy> {Thank You}

Monday, September 14, 2020


>>*Signature Event* September 11-21
>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
>>*Whore Couture* September 1-30
LIVIA // Cynara Bento Nails <Tonic> {Thank You} *Signature Event*
LIVIA // Briar Bento Rings <Tonic> {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore
Tonic - Night and Day <Tonic> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Tonic* Mainstore
Rokins-Pin status Fatpack {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Rokins* Mainstore
I Wanna Choke - Some Hoes {Thank You} *Whore Couture*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
*[Hopes Creations]* Robby Calf Boots {Thank You}
*#Mewsery:* Brat [Bento] Pose Pack {Thank You}

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Kitty Luvin

>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
>>*Pretty* September 7-30
>>*Sat Sale* Out All Week
!MOZ "Ella" Romper <Maitreya> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*!MOZ* Mainstore
ArisArisB&W~AlCo04~Nature Livev2 {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*ArisArisB&W* Mainstore
GingerFish Poses -Kitty {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*GingerFish* Mainstore
.:Short Leash:. Sobriquet Leash Holder Bracelet {Thank You} *Pretty*
*.:Short Leash:.* Mainstore
{XXX} Nail Hud NIGHT OWL <for MARA Nails> {Thank You} *Sat Sale*
*{XXX}* Mainstore

Don’t Fear the Reaper

>>*XXX Event* September 13 - October 3
[Enigma Apparel]Francine Romper {Thank You} *XXX Event*
*[Enigma Apparel]* Mainstore

Saturday, September 12, 2020

La Fiesta Terminó

>>*Pretty* September 7-30
>>*Tlalli Fair* September 7-28
sass [yazmin] jeans & top <Legacy> {Thank You} *Pretty*
*sass* Mainstore
{Flair 'n' Style} Sombrero {Thank You} *Tlalli Fair*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
*Vanity Hair*::Miss Coco {Thank You}

This Is The End

>>*Wip Event* September 2-22
::OOPS:: Aryaki Dress <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Wip Event*
::OOPS:: Slut Punishment Platforms {Thank You}
*::OOPS::* Mainstore

Friday, September 11, 2020

Goodbye Summer

>>*TWE12VE* September 12-30
>>*Pose Fair* September 7-28
IA: Angela Full <Legacy> {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
*Infanite Apparel* Mainstore
**SN~ Summer Arbor {Thank You} *Pose Fair*
***Something New~* Mainstore

Come at Me

>>*Cyber Fair* September 3-23
>>*Darkness Event* September 5-28
{WitchCraft} Andra set Yellow <Legacy> {Thank You} *Cyber Fair*
*{WitchCraft}* Mainstore
Violetility - Neon Breath Masks [Black] {Thank You} *Cyber Fair*
*Violetility* Mainstore
Synnergy Wasteland Backdrop {Thank You} *Darkness Event*
Synnergy The Purge Bento Pose Set {Thank You} *Darkness Event*
*Synnergy* Mainstore
*.EscalateD.* Glencora {Thank You}

Thursday, September 10, 2020

First Swim

>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
Romazin - Bra <Petty> <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Romazin* Mainstore
.: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Earthly {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*.: Vegas :.* Mainstore

Palm City

>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
I.M.C. Delilah Jacket & Skirt Teal {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*I.M.C.* Mainstore
[StephaneL] AMBER SHOES {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[StephaneL]* Mainstore
no.match_ ~ NO_MARCH {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*no.match_* Mainstore
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Taxco {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore

Sweet Milk

>>*eBENTO* September 11-30
>>*KPop* September 10-
.::Crystal ::. Most Sweet Milk // Black [BENTO] {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*.::Crystal ::.* Mainstore
A R T E - Candy Eyes {Thank You} *KPop*
A R T E - Miryo Eyebrows & Star Tattoos {Thank You}
*A R T E* Mainstore

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Card Shark

>>*Black Fair* September 12-26
(*<*) 1313 Sonia Dress - Fatpack <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Black Fair*
*(*<*) 1313* Mainstore
*.EscalateD.* Breeze {Thank You}
*Kokoro* - Cards 03 Holding {Thank You}
*The Bearded Guy* Poker Night - Gambling Vibes {Thank You}

Bow Down

>>*Whore Couture Fair* September 1-30
.QUEENZ. Inveigle <Legacy> {Thank You} *WCF*
*.QUEENZ.* Mainstore
*CELESTE* - Sorceress Set {Thank You}

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


>>*Cyber Fair* September 2-23
CELESTE - CyberFlaunt BodySuit <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Cyber Fair*
*CELESTE* Mainstore
Neon Freedom - Far Horizons {Thank You} *Cyber Fair*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
*CORE* MONO SKIN TONE 10 {Thank You}


>>*Pose Fair* September 7-28
>>*Cyber Fair* September 3-23
{Flair 'n' Style} Latte Macchiato Poses {Thank You} *Pose Fair*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
La Matriz - Far Horizons {Thank You} *Cyber Fair*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
*1 Hundred.* Let's Get Wierd. Lemon <Legacy> {Thank You}
*.EscalateD.* Darla {Thank You}
*{XXX}* Mara Bento Nails & Lick Me Polish {Thank You}

Monday, September 7, 2020

The Waiting Game

>>*UNIK* September 7-28
MY BAGS  My Jade  {Thank You} *UNIK*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore
*ArisArisB&W~*AlCo08~ Serenely Dress <Legacy> {Thank You}
*~Gorgeous Dolls~*Chobii's Choice(XL Almond) <Legacy> {Thank You}