Friday, July 31, 2020

Paragon_Sara - Heels Dance Vol 2

>>*Uber* July 25th - August 22nd
Paragon_Sara - Heels Dance Vol 2 Pack {Thank You} *Uber*
Paragon Dance Animations
Zhavia Ward - Waiting (Official Video)


>>*FaMESHed* August 1st-27th
>>*Miix Event* July 30th - August 13th
>>*KINKY* July 28th - August 22nd
>>*Audacity* August 2nd-23rd
:::Phoenix::: Elaina Hair Fatpack {Thank You} *FaMESHed*
*:::Phoenix:::* Mainstore
B BOS - Xuky Dress {Thank You} *Miix Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore 
Baby Crimsom - Pervert Side {Thank You} *KINKY* 
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
Nani Banani - Shy Girl Poses <1> {Thank You} *Audacity* 
<1>*Nani Banani* Mainstore

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Summer Fun

>>*Tres Chic* July 17th - August 10th
.Q. Tropix <Legacy> {Thank You} *Tres Chic*
*QUEENZ* Mainstore

Double Take

>>*Outre* July 23rd - August 18th
>>*Good Vibes Hunt* August 1 – August 14
ALANTORI - Annie Hair {Thank You} *Outre*
*ALANTORI* Mainstore
sass [gvh] romper <Legacy> {Thank You} *Good Vibes Hunt*
sass [gvh] sandals <Legacy> {Thank You} *Good Vibes Hunt*
sass [gvh] shorts <Legacy> {Thank You} *Good Vibes Hunt*
sass [gvh] top <Legacy> {Thank You} *Good Vibes Hunt*
*sass* Mainstore
{XXX}GoodVibes SunDown Backdrop {Thank You} *Good Vibes Hunt*
*{XXX}* Mainstore

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Coastal Morning

>>*Sense Event* July 18th - August 8th
[Vips Creations] - [Scarlet-Patterns] <HG> {Thank You} *Sense Event*
*[Vips Creations]* Marketplace

Pretty In Blue

>>*Cosmopolitan* July 27th - August 8th
>>*Access* July 12th - August 8th
A R T E - Mira Eyebrows {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
A R T E - Rare Blue Eyes {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
*A R T E* Mainstore
.::Supernatural::. Christina Set {Thank You} *Access*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
*Trinite* Noa Top Fatpack <Maitreya> {Thank You}

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


>>*Uber* July 25th - August 22nd
[BB] Belzebubble - Bikini - Brandi <Legacy> {Thank You} *Uber*
*[BB] Belzebubble* Mainstore
*:::Phoenix:::* Jess Hair {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Sweetheart Sunglasses - Vibe {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Shave Ice Pack - Flower Cup {Thank You}

Coffee N Donuts

>>*Cosmopolitan* July 27th - August 8th
Entice - Daisies Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
*Entice* Mainstore


>>*MAINFRAME* July 20th - August 13th
+MB+ Cyber Pasties {Thank You} *MAINFRAME*
*Muggleborn* Mainstore
*BLAXIUM* -Babe Nails {Thank You}


>>*Mixx Event* July 30th - August 20th
Synnergy Submit Bento Pose Set {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
Synnergy The Red Room Backdrop {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
*Synnergy* Mainstore

Monday, July 27, 2020

I'm Chained

>>*Mixx Event* July 30th - August 20th
Synnergy I'm Chained Bento Pose {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
Synnergy The Red Room Backdrop {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
*Synnergy* Mainstore

All Mine

>>*Mixx Event* July 30th - August 20th
Synnergy All Mine Bento Pose {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
Synnergy The Red Room Backdrop {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
*Synnergy* Mainstore


>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
DISH. KATE Bento pose AO {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*DISH.* Mainstore
*::OOPS::* Belladona Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
*:::Phoenix:::* Peach Hair {Thank You}
*~GD~* Queenin'(Square Chunkz) <Legacy> {Thank You}

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Hello World!

>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
!MOZ "Cate" Boho Dress <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
!MOZ "Layla" Rope Heeled Sandal <Tonic > {Thank You}
*!MOZ* Mainstore
*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v7.0 {Thank You}

Underwater Mayhem

Synnergy Flooded Room Backdrop {Thank You}
Synnergy I'm Floating Bento Pose Set {Thank You}
*Synnergy* Mainstore

Sunday Morning Ride

>>*FaMESHed* July 1st-27th
:::Phoenix::: Destiny Hair {Thank You} *FaMESHed*
*:::Phoenix:::* Mainstore
sass [ursha] sandals set 1 {Thank You}
sass [ursha] shorts set 1 {Thank You}
sass [ursha] top set 1 {Thank You}
*sass* Mainstore

Friday, July 24, 2020

Date Night Camp Out

>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
evh Romance Tent {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*EVHAH* Mainstore

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Which One are You?

>>*Summer Camp* July 9th-31st
CELESTE - Fawn Pendant - Fatpack <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*CELESTE* Mainstore
*ALANTORI* - Carmen Hair {Thank You}


>>*Dubai* July 20th - August 10th
>>*Aenigma* July 23rd - August 15th
Zibska ~ Messier {Thank You} *Dubai*
Zibska BOM Pack ~ Viera Lips {Thank You}
*Zibska* Mainstore
The Protectores - Arcane Depths {Thank You} *Aenigma*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore

Whatcha Think?

*Tonic* - Curvy Beautyv7.0 {Thank You}
LIVIA // Auriel Bento Nails <Tonic> {Thank You}
LIVIA // Bloom Jewelry <Tonic> {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Countryside Stroll

*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v7.0 {Thank You}
*[HC]* Milla Set Bustier, Skirt & Heels <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You}

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Is it Lunchtime?

>>*Cosmopolitan* July 13th-25th
>>*Shiny Shabby* July 20th - August 15th
[hh] Ivy Anklet {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
*[hh]* Mainstore
Do That Emerald - - Just Like {Thank You} *Shiny Shabby*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
*[WellMade]* Tinna Dress GIFT <Legacy> {Thank You}
*.::Supernatural::.* Eloisa Necklace {Thank You}

Dream Like

*[WellMade]* Luckya Cover Up <Legacy> {Thank You}

Let the Show Begin

**ArisArisB&W~CoAl92~Illusion Jumpsuit <Legacy> {Thank You} *MP PROMO*

Monday, July 20, 2020

Furry Friends

>>*Epiphany* July 15th - August 12th
HORNTAIL - Reynold Companion {Thank You} *Epiphany*
*HORNTAIL* Mainstore
*[WellMade]* Rowena Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Egyptian Mau {Thank You}

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Purple Haze

>>*XXX Original Event* July 13th - August 3rd
B BOS - Rosalie Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *XXX Original Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore


>>*Anybody Event* July 7th-30th
>>*Tres Chic* July 7th - August 10th
::OOPS:: Susy Outfit  <Legacy> {Thank You} *Anybody Event*
*::OOPS::* Mainstore
Vanity Hair:Maui-FATPACK {Thank You} *Tres Chic*
*Vanity Hair* Mainstore

Saturday, July 18, 2020

We Deliver

>>*Epiphany* July 15th- August 12th
>>*Sense Event* July 18th-  August 8th
>>*Black Fair* July 4th-18th
Junk Food - Special Delivery Gacha {Thank You} *Epiphany*
*Junk Food* Mainstore
B BOS - Alvi Dress/Bikini  <Legacy> {Thank You} *Sense Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore
Vanity Hair::Moods-FATPACK {Thank You} *Black Fair*
*Vanity Hair* Mainstore

Friday, July 17, 2020

On Duty

*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* Serenity - Summer - Sunglasses {Thank You}
*.QUEENZ.* Baddie -FTPCK <Legacy> {Thank You}

Stud Muffin!

>>*TWE12VE* July 12th-31st
MOoH! Harry swimsuit pale {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
*MOoH!* Mainstore
*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* Vivacious - Sunglasses {Thank You}

Thursday, July 16, 2020


>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
>>*TBBH10* July 3rd-31st <check out all gifts here>
***ArisArisB&W~CoAl93-Paula Top {Thank You} *eBENTO*
****ArisArisB&W~* Mainstore
Rich Glasses by Madame Noir {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Madame Noir* Mainstore
RichB. FlowerCross Earrings {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*RichB.* Mainstore
*.EscalateD.* Breeze {Thank You} *TBBH10*
*.::Supernatural::.* Alisha Necklace {Thank You}

Summer Breeze

>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
[BB] Belzebubble - Bikini - Candy <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[BB] Belzebubble* Mainstore
Pacagaia Poses - Gwen SET {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Pacagaia Poses* Mainstore

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sweet Vanilla

*1 Hundred.* Hott Chic. Lemon <Legacy> {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* Ice Cream Waffle Cone Pack {Thank You}

Reading is Fundamental

>>*Down the Rabbit Hole* July 11th-21st
::AMF:: Carroll Dress {Thank You} *Down the Rabbit Hole*
*::AMF::* Mainstore
*Glamistry* - Heels PF1051 {Thank You}

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Paragon_Andrea - Kawaii Dance

>>*Equal10* July 10th - August 5th
Paragon_Andrea - Kawaii Dance Pack {Thank You} *Equal10* 
Paragon Dance Animations
Spoiled - Lollyta Collection {Thank You} *Equal10* 
*Spoiled* Mainstore
Thank You for joining Me ♥Candy {Nena}
Cookiee Kawaii - Vibe

Pretty Blooms

>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
[ADD] Doris Look <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[ADD]* Mainstore
Sintiklia - Hair Viola {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Sintiklia* Mainstore
BLAXIUM -Babe Nails {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*BLAXIUM* Mainstore
Kokoro - Butterfly  02 Holding {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Kokoro* Mainstore
*Synnergy* Giant Blooms Backdrop {Thank You}


>>*Summer Camp* July 9th-31st
Entice - Lose Control Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*Entice* Mainstore

Cool Treats

>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
Peekaboo - Ice Cream {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Peekaboo* Mainstore
*[hh]* Bellina Peplum Ankara Top and Leggings Set <Legacy> {Thank You}

Monday, July 13, 2020

Going My Way?

>>*eBENTO* July 11th-30th
*Optmus Race* Mainstore
*[hh]* Emanuela Ruffle Dress <Legacy> {Thank You}
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* My Luxury {Thank You}

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kinky Fun!

>>*The Black Fair* July 4th-18th
>>*Kinky* June 28th - July 22nd
>>*Summer Camp* July 9th-31st
.:Short Leash:. Show Pony Bridle {Thank You} *The Black Fair*
.:Short Leash:. MooMoo's Collar {Thank You} *Kinky*
.:Short Leash:. Wildwood Adventurer Set {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*.:Short Leash:.* Mainstore

Cocktails & Kitties

>>*Summer Camp* July 9th-31st
Vanity Hair::Bonfire-FATPACK {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*Vanity Hair* Mainstore
*B.D.R.* Amara -Crochet Swimsuit <Legacy> {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Fun in the Sun!

>>*Summer Camp* July 9th-31st
Ebano Poses Summer Light {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*Ebano Poses* Mainstore
*MOoH!* Nicci bikini {Thank You} *TBBH10*

Smooth Rider

>>*Midsummer Enchantment* July 10th-26th
>>*Audacity* July 2nd-23rd
.:BoD:. Vikkilongoria Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *Midsummer Enchantment*
*.:BoD:.* Mainstore
Nani Banani - Smooth Rider Poses {Thank You} *Audacity*
*Nani Banani* Mainstore


>>*Summer Camp* July 9th-31st
*B.D.R.* Sun Chaser Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *Summer Camp*
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore
*!TLB* - Simple Choker {Blue & Purple} {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* Boba Bottle Pack {Thank You}

Friday, July 10, 2020

Party for 2

>>*La vie en pose* July 10th-25th
{Flair 'n' Style} Dog balloon {Thank You} *La vie en pose*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
*[Vips Creations]* - [Genesis] <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Junk Food* - Mini Grill (Blue) {Thank You}

Fool Moon

*[HC]* Keisha Boots, Skirt & Tube <Legacy> {Thank You}
***SN~* Fool Moon {Thank You} *Super Sales Weekend*

Pick a Card... Any Card!

>>*Down the Rabbit Hole* July 11th-21st
L2L Tweedles Outfit <Dinkies> {Thank You} *DTRH*
*L2L* Mainstore
<MC> Throw cards pose <Gift> {Thank You} *DTRH*
*<Midntye Creations>* Mainstore