Monday, August 31, 2020

Leo Royalty

*.QUEENZ.* Charmed -MAROON <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Synnergy* Leo Throne Room Backdrop {Thank You}


>>*WeLoveRP* August 4-31
>>*SENSE* August 18 - Septmber 8
.EscalateD. Davia {Thank You} *WeLoveRP*
*.EscalateD.* Mainstore
.:I ProFect I:. Moon  Eyes {Thank You} *SENSE*
*.:I ProFect I:.* Mainstore
*.::Supernatural::.* Lunya Necklace Set {Thank You}
*~Gorgeous Dolls~*Siren's Heart(Long Coffin) {Thank You}

Sunday, August 30, 2020


*[HC]* Robby Blouse, Skirt & Boots <Legacy> {Thank You}


*(*<*) 1313* Piper Teddy {Thank You}
*Synnergy* Call Me Backdrop & This Time Bento Pose {Thank You}
*Glamistry* - Heels PF1052 {Thank You}

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Chicken Wraps

>>*N21* August 21 - September 12
Junk Food - Chicken Wraps {Thank You} *N21*
*Junk Food* Mainstore
*MOoH!* Sharon outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
*ALANTORI* - Ady Hair {Thank You}


>>*The Warehouse Event* August 23 - September 16
>>*Sat Sale* August 29 - September 3
Junk Food - Alcohol IV Bags Pink Panic {Thank You} *The Warehouse Event*
*Junk Food* Mainstore
{XXX}ZaPack Bag Rozay {Thank You} *Sat Sale*
*{XXX}* Mainstore
*[HC]* Robby Calf Boots Fat Pack {Thank You}

Friday, August 28, 2020

Celebrating My Victory!

>>*anyBODY* August 7-30
sass [wrylie] Set 2 <Legacy> {Thank You}
*sass* Mainstore
*Junk Food* - Polar Bar {Thank You}


>>*The Mystical Market* August 28 - September 8
(*<*) 1313 My Familiar PJs <Legacy> {Thank You} *The Mystical Market*
*(*<*) 1313* Mainstore

No Pain, No Gain!

>>*Uber* August 25 - September 22
[BB] Belzebubble - Beach Set - Debbie II <Legacy> {Thank You} *Uber*
[BB] Belzebubble - Star Trainers {Thank You}
*[BB] Belzebubble* Mainstore
*HEC* - JANA Pasties HOT PACK 1 (00A-03) {Thank You}

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Last Round

>>*The Warehouse Event* August 23 - September 16
.Q. Glamix Set <Legacy> {Thank You} *The Warehouse Event*
*QUEENZ* Mainstore
*The Bearded Guy* Poisoned Room - SCI FI Backdrops Vol 2 {Thank You}

Daddy on My Mind

*[HC]* Quorra <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Vanity Hair*::Flow {Thank You}

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hello Polly

>>*Cosmopolitan Event* August 24 - September 5
Entice - Ruby Tuesday <Legacy> {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan Event*
*Entice* Mainstore

Paragon_Alia - Vintage Belly Dance

>>*Uber* August 25 - September 22
Paragon_Alia - Vintage Belly Dance {Thank You} *Uber*
Paragon Dance Animations
Best Arabic Trap Music Mix 2019

Fake News

*Gloomy* - Lexi <Legacy> {Thank You}
*#aesthetic.* // Skylar Overalls <Legacy> {Thank You}

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Goin with the FLOW!

>>*Gems* August 22 - September 12
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Sevilla White {Thank You} *Gems*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore
*{XXX}* ICON Earrings DISCO {Thank You}
*[hh]* Janet Leggings DARK GLAM <Legacy> {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Coffee Frappe Pack Left {Thank You}

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sundae Funday!

>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
>>*The Girl Power*
Tonic - Surprise lace up halter <Tonic> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
Tonic - Curvy Beauty v7.0 {Thank You}
*Tonic* Mainstore
[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Tegann Sunglasses - Babe Pack {Thank You} *The Girl Power*
[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Star Princess Whip Shake Pack {Thank You} *The Girl Power*
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Mainstore
*Sweet Evil* - Unbuttoned Jeans <Tonic> {Thank You}
*B.D.R.* Highway To Never -Thong- <Tonic> {Thank You}
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore

Saturday, August 22, 2020


>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
[BB] Belzebubble - Sporty Tube Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[BB] Belzebubble* Mainstore


>>*Dubai Event* August 20 - Septmeber 10
Synnergy Confidence Bento Pose Set {Thank You} *Dubai Event*
*Synnergy* Mainstore

Friday, August 21, 2020


*1 Hundred.* Stay The Night. Blush <Legacy> {Thank You}

Snack Time!

>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
I.M.C. Sophia <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*I.M.C.* Mainstore
*Junk Food* - Pretzels {Thank You}

I See You!

>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
>>*Dubai Event* August 20 - Septmeber 10
JUMO Originals - MELODY Earrings {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*JUMO Originals* Mainstore
B BOS - Nat Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *Dubai Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore
CORE PRINCESS EYES (catwa, omega, wicked) {Thank You}
*Vanity Hair*::Bunnie {Thank You}
*#Mewsery* - Purring [Bento] Pose2B {Thank You}

Thursday, August 20, 2020


>>*Shiny Shabby* August 20 - Septmeber 15
Zibska ~ Nemea Set {Thank You} *Shiny Shabby*
*Zibska* Mainstore

See You in Hell!

>>*SENSE* August 18 - September 8
>>*Vanity* August 15-25
>>*Necrosis* July 31 - August 21
::OOPS:: Basna Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *SENSE*
*::OOPS::* Mainstore
B BOS - Suxi Chains Arms/Legs {Thank You} *Vanity*
*B BOS* Mainstore
.:BoD:. Purah Stockings <Legacy> {Thank You} *Necrosis*
*.:BoD:.* Mainstore

Bad Boys Cry

>>*Fetish Fair* August 8-22
>>*Man Cave* August 17 - September 11
.Q. Erotic <Legacy> {Thank You} *Fetish Fair*
*QUEENZ* Mainstore
Bad Boys Cry *RARE* - You'reGone {Thank You} *Man Cave*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* My Alejandra {Thank You}
*[NEUTRA]* Verboden Glasses {Thank You}

Money On My Mind

** TentatioN **MAY Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
Synnergy Cash Pile Backdrop {Thank You}
Synnergy Dinero Bento Pose {Thank You}
*Synnergy* Mainstore

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Would You Like Another?

>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
AURORA Milana set Beads <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
AURORA Milana Beads on feet {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*AURORA* Mainstore
*Synnergy* The Lounge Backdrop <Group Gift> {Thank You}

Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
*Optimus Race* Mainstore
ArisarisB&W~AlCo06~Karma Dress <HG> {Thank You} *PROMO*

Raspberry Lemonade

>>*SENSE* August 18 - September 8
>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
>>*Vanity Event* August 15-25
[Vips Creations] -[Miranda]- <HG> {Thank You}
*[Vips Creations]* Marketplace
MOVEMENT-Tropical shit <set1> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*MOVEMENT* Mainstore
Buried Alive - Hypnotized {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Evening Sun

>>*anyBody* August 7-30
>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
*B.D.R.* Vacation -Dress- <Legacy> {Thank You} *anyBody*
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore
Secret Poses - Luna {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Secret Poses* Mainstore


>>*ROMP* August 11-25
Violetility - Alchemy Cross {Thank You} *ROMP*
*Flickr Pool*
*Gwen's Facebook*
*Gwen's Flickr*

Sweet Tooth

>>*Vanity Event* August 15-25
>>*XXX Original Event* August 13 - September 3
A R T E - Luminous Eyes {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
*A R T E* Mainstore
{Flair 'n' Style} Penis Lollipop {Thank You} *XXX Original Event*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
*#aesthetic.* // Heather Tank <Legacy> {Thank You}
*ALANTORI* - Lissy Hair {Thank You}


>>*anyBody* August 7-30
>>*Vanity Event* August 15-25
>>*Bundle of Dove* July 20 - August 22
1 Hundred. Trouble Maker. Sky <Legacy> {Thank You} *anyBody*
*1 Hundred.* Mainstore
Nowhere Lights - Hypnotized {Thank You} *Vanity Event*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt MY TROPICAL Banana *Bundle of Dove*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore
*:::Phoenix:::* Winona Hair {Thank You}

Monday, August 17, 2020


>>*XXX Original Event* Aug 13 - Sept 3
>>*eBENTO* August 11-31
[WellMade] Mallaya Bodysuit <Legacy> {Thank You} *XXX Original Event*
*[WellMade]* Mainstore
[DP] - DCP0031 - Adoring {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[DP]* Mainstore
ALANTORI - Jucy Hair {Thank You}
ALANTORI - Maeve Hairbase {Thank You}
*ALANTORI* Mainstore

Let’s Make a Deal

*HORNTAIL* - Vivi Kinky Prisoner Outfit <Maitreya> {Thank You}
*.:Joplino:.* Backdrop Prison {Thank You}

Sunday, August 16, 2020

We Don’t FukWitChu!

>>*Sat Sale* August 15-20
{XXX} Lania- Beslt, Capri & Top <Legacy> {Thank You}

Neither Here nor There

>>*XXX Original* August 13 - September 3
>>*Fable 5* August 8-31
B BOS - Izal Bikini <Legacy> {Thank You} *XXX Original*
*B BOS* Mainstore
.EscalateD. Mira {Thank You} *Fable 5*
*.EscalateD.* Mainstore

Saturday, August 15, 2020


>>*We Love Roleplay* August 4-30
Entice - Lady of the Sea  <Legacy> {Thank You} **We Love Roleplay**
*Entice* Mainstore

Hold Me

>>*Fetish Fair* August 8-22
1 Hundred. Hold Me. Lemon <Legacy> {Thank You} *Fetish Fair*
*1 Hundred.* Mainstore

Friday, August 14, 2020

Tropical Vibes

>>*WIP* August 2 -22
>>*Fetish Fair* August 8-22
>>*Mixx* July 30 - August 20
>>*Beauty Sales* August 1-23
::OOPS:: Yuky Jumpsuit <Legacy> {Thank You} *WIP*
*::OOPS::* Mainstore
Vanity Hair::Sneaky {Thank You} *Fetish Fair*
*Vanity Hair* Mainstore
 [ Cinnamon Cocaine ]Cone Cakes - Red {Thank You} *Mixx*
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Mainstore
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Palermo {Thank You} *Beauty Sales*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore

Happy Friday!

>>*eBENTO* August 11-30
>>*Access* August 12 - September 8
Glitter Karelis Fitmesh Dress {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Glitter* Mainstore
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt Bayonne Pink {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore
*:::Phoenix:::* Mainstore
LIVIA::Gaia Bento Rings <Tonic> {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore
*Tonic* Curvy Beauty v7.0 {Thank You}

Thursday, August 13, 2020


>>*eBENTO* August 11-30
[HxO] Biker Shorts <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[HxO]* Mainstore
*Junk Food* - Popcorn Buckets & Trays {Thank You}
*LIVIA*::Lauren Hoops [July 2020 GG] {Thank You}

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Come Rescue Me

>>*Epiphany* July 15th - August 12th
(*<*) 1313 Margot <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Epiphany*
*(*<*) 1313* Mainstore
***SN~* Come Rescue Me <August GG> {Thank You}

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Flow Heat

>>*KINKY* July 28 - August 22
.::Supernatural::. Jillian Nipple Chain {Thank You} *KINKY*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
Violetility Changing Room info in Peek-a-Boo! Blog

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Violetility - Changing Room {Thank You}
*Flickr Pool*
*Gwen's Facebook*
*Gwen's Flickr*


>>*WIP Event* August 2-22
>>*Unik* August 10-28
{WitchCraft} Laoise Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *WIP Event*
{WitchCraft} Petit Tattoo {Thank You} *Unik*
*{WitchCraft}* Mainstore
*[BB] Belzebubble* - Alpha Panties - Pearl {Thank You}

Monday, August 3, 2020

Beach Bound

>>*Outre* July 23rd - August 18th
>>*Good Vibes Hunt* August 1-24
>>*Mixx Event* July 30 - August 20
*B.D.R.* Verano -Bikini 2- (Prize #3) <Legacy> {Thank You} *GVH*
*B.D.R.* Verano -Shorts- (Prize #4) <Legacy> {Thank You} *GVH*
*B.D.R.* Verano -Ice Cream- (Prize #5) {Thank You} *GVH*
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore
ALANTORI - Arika Hair {Thank You} *Outre*
*ALANTORI* Mainstore
[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Lydia Sunglasses - Babe Pack {Thank You} *Mixx Event*
*[Cinnamon Cocaine ]* Mainstore
Thank You for the Collab Nana ❤️

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Beach Breeze

*Gloomy* - Natsu Bikini <Maitreya> {Thank You}
*::Kandy Tattoos::* JUNKI::tattoo:: {Thank You}

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Bring on the Night

*!MOZ* "Ally" Crop Tied Top <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You}
*Sweet Evil* Shredded Jeans Animal HUD {Thank You}
*.EscalateD.* Havana {Thank You}
LIVIA:: Haisley Earrings {Thank You}
LIVIA // Mix It Claw Bento Nails {Thank You}
LIVIA // Mina Bento Ring Set {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore
*[HC]* Yasmin Heels Fat Pack {Thank You}
*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v7.0 {Thank You}