Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Easy Breezy

*!MOZ* "Isla" String Bikini <Legacy> {Thank You}
***SN~Tilda-* Water Butterfly {Thank You}


>>*Tres Chic* June 17th - July 10th
>>*Gems Event* June 22nd - July 12th
Vanity Hair::Sahara Turban Pack {Thank You} *Tres Chic*
*Vanity Hair::* Mainstore
< IDEALIA > NARI Jewellery set {Thank You} *Gems Event*
*< IDEALIA >* Mainstore
*[Cinnamon Cocaine X Suicidal Thots]* Mamacita Pack {Thank You}
** TentatioN ** PAINT Lips - GENUS {Thank You}
*Synnergy//* Poppy Field Backdrop {Thank You}


ArisArisB&W~CoAl86~Bowerbird Cheongsam Dress <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Ebano Poses* Maylin {Thank You}

Monday, June 29, 2020

Paragon_JJ - Michael Jackson

>>*Uber* June 25th - Julyy 22nd
Paragon_JJ - Michael Jackson Dance Pack {Thank You} *Uber*
Paragon Dance Animations
*[SP]* Anthro [Wolf] F
Michael Jackson's greatest hits mash-up 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

C’est La Vie

>>*Sense Event* June 18th - July 8th
B BOS - Karita Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *Sense Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt*  MY BANUS {Thank You} *Sail Into Summer*
*The Bearded Guy* Neon Savage *RARE* - New & Classic {Thank You}
LM to be Announced

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Goin’ Home

>>**MIXX Event** June 30th - July 3rd
B BOS - Silass Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You} *MIXX Event*
*B BOS* Mainstore

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Squeeze the Day

>>*We Love Roleplay* June 4th-30th
(*<*) 1313 Le Fleur Sandals <Legacy> {Thank You} *We Love Roleplay*
*(*<*) 1313* Mainstore
*[hh]* Erika Dress PLAINS {Thank You}

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pretty Pink Aura

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
>>*FrouFrou* June 19th - July 8th
< IDEALIA > LANA Shoes <Maitreya> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
< IDEALIA > OLGA Lingerie <Maitreya> {Thank You} *FrouFrou*
*< IDEALIA >* Mainstore
*#Mewsery* - Spice [Bento] Pose Pack {Thank You}

Done for the Day!

>>*Cosmopolitan* June 15th-27th
Entice - Just a Girl Shirt & Panties <Legacy> {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
*Entice* Mainstore
*#Besom Beauty*~Katrina hairstyle & BOM hairbase {Thank You}

Gates of Hell

>>*TDCF* June 20TH - July 11th
>*Suicide DollZ* June 14th-24th
>>*Versus Event* July 24th - July 27
.:BoD:. CG- 001 Bodysuit <Legacy> {Thank You} *TDCF*
*.:BoD:.* Mainstore
{XXX} DevilEmoji Collar {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*{XXX}* Mainstore
Synnergy Gates of Hell Backdrop {Thank You} *Versus Event*
Synnergy Sinful Bento Pose Set {Thank You} *Versus Event*
*Synnergy* Mainstore

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


>>*Cake Day* June 14th-24th
>>*TWE12VE* June 12th-30th
.Q. Amoral -FATPACK <Legacy> {Thank You} *Cake Day*
*QUEENZ* Mainstore
**SN~ Colour of Sunflowers {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
*Something New* Mainstore
*.EscalateD.* Solaris {Thank You}

Monday, June 22, 2020

I Think I’m Cute!

>>*Suicide DollZ* June 14th-24th
sass [kiki] romper set 2 {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*sass* Mainstore
things&stuffs [monster stuffies] wolfie {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*things&stuffs* Mainstore

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Afternoon Tea!

>>*TWE12VE* June12th-30th
AnaSTyle - Tamara Black Flowers {Thank You} *TWE12VE*
*AnaSTyle* Mainstore

Daddy’s Brat

>>*SENSE* June 18th - July 8th
>>*XXX Original Event* June 13th - July 3rd
 .:I ProFect I:. Aspera Eyes {Thank You} *SENSE*
*.:I ProFect I:.* Mainstore
1 Hundred. Attention Whore. Lime {Thank You} *XXX Original Event*
*1 Hundred.* Mainstore
*ALANTORI* - Amara Hairbases & Stella Fitted Hair 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Good Day for Waves

>>*Frou Frou* June 10th - July 8th
1 Hundred. Beatch Please. Tangerine <Legacy> {Thank You} *Frou Frou*
*1 Hundred.* Mainstore

Lost in Emotion

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
Glitter Carol Bodysuit <HG> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Glitter* Mainstore
*Glamistry* - Heels PF1049 {Thank You}
*~GD~*Tiffany's Dolls <MANI & PEDI> Slink Deluxe {Thank You}

Flaming Love

>>*Girls Heaven* May 31st - June 24th
[WellMade] Ethany Heels <Legacy> {Thank You} *Girls Heaven*
[WellMade] Dulla Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
*[WellMade]* Mainstore
*.::Supernatural::.* Yana Headband {Thank You}
*ALANTORI* - Noria Ponytail {Thank You}

Friday, June 19, 2020

Blinded by the Light

>>*Flourish* June 23rd - July 15th
Zibska ~ Aestas {Thank You} *Flourish*
Zibska Noir Pack Vol 20 Universal {Thank You} *Main/Market*
*Zibska* Mainstore
*Gloomy* -Hiko <Legacy> {Thank You}
*~GD~*Queenin'(Long Coffin) <Legacy> {Thank You}

Thursday, June 18, 2020

WTF... Is That?!

>>*Vintage Fair* June 12th-22nd
.:I ProFect I:. Paluni  Eyes{Thank You} *Vintage Fair*
*.:I ProFect I:.* Mainstore
*Grumble* Mermaid Scale Lingerie-Pink <Legacy> {Thank You}
***SN~* Under the Sea Photobox {Thank You}
*{BK}* DeepwaterShadow & MermaidHighlighter BOM {Thank You}

You are My Sunshine!

>>*Frou Frou* June 10th - July 8th
CELESTE - Tropical Bikini <Maitreya> {Thank You} *Frou Frou*
*CELESTE* Mainstore
** OsTentatioN ** SUNFLOWER Gacha <Pose3> {Thank You}

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tasty Treat

*ADN* Azra <Legacy> {Thank You}
*#Mewsery* - Twinkle [ Bento] Pose 3 {Thank You}

Just Celebrate

>>*SWANK* June 7th-30th
>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
>>*Vintage Fair* June 12th-22nd
[Vips Creations] - [Eva-Mixed] <Maitreya> {Thank You} *SWANK*
*[Vips Creations]* Marketplace
[StephaneL] ASTRA BOOTS {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*[StephaneL]* Mainstore
Nani Banani - Foxy Betty Poses - Coll.1 {Thank You} *Vintage Fair*
*Nani Banani*

Isn’t She Sexy?

>>*Vintage Fair* June 12th-22nd
.EscalateD. Havana {Thank You} *Vintage Fair*
*.EscalateD.* Mainstore
>>Hair Base NOT included<<
Nani Banani - Foxy Betty Poses - Coll.1 {Thank You} *Vintage Fair*
*Nani Banani*
*(*<*) 1313* Delirium Dress - Polka Dots <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Optmus Race* FF1932 CONCEPT ROD {Thank You}
*The Bearded Guy* Bunker - Unsainted Backdrops

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Relaxing Poolside

>>*Frou Frou* June 10th - July 8th
>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
[BB] Belzebubble - Bikini - Kioke {Thank You} *Frou Frou*
*Belzebubble* Mainstore
Secret Poses - Pool Side {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Secret Poses* Mainstore

Flow Family Fun

*HORNTAIL* - Fishtopia Costume <Gacha> {Thank You}
Thank You for Posing Flow Family ♥

Monday, June 15, 2020

All Eyes on Me!

Violetility - Happy Ending Vending Machine {Thank You}
Violetility - Retrowave Dance Pole {Thank You}
*Flickr Pool*


>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
>>*Outre* May 23rd - June 18th
no.match_ ~ NO_WHEN~ all COLORS {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*no.match_* Mainstore
.::Supernatural::. Adrien Face Jewelry {Thank You} *Outre*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
*[HC]* Henie Heels, Skirt & Top <Legacy> {Thank You}

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Handle with Care

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
Juna: Pamy tattoo {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Juna:* Mainstore
*{XXX}*LoveLace BOM {Thank You} *Saturday Sale*

Daddy’s Love Bites

>>*XXX Event* June 13th - July 3rd
>>*Cosmopolitan* June 1st-13th
{Flair 'n' Style} Condom {Thank You} *XXX Event*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
.::Supernatural::. Alisha Necklace {Thank You} *Cosmopolitan*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
*{XXX}* LoveMarks BOM <Medium> {Thank You} *Saturday Sale*
{BK} CryWithMeMaskcara BOM {Thank You}
{BK} Pandemic Lips [genus] {Thank You}
*{Beauty Kartel}* Mainstore

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Destination Unknown

>>*Vintage Fair* June 12th-22th
>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
Entice - Hung Up Shorts <Legacy> {Thank You} *Vintage Fair*
*Entice* Mainstore
MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Luxury <Red> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt* Mainstore
*Optmus Race* Mainstore


>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
>>*Cruel Summer Hunt* June 1st-14th
Juna: Pamy tattoo {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Juna:* Mainstore
Peekaboo - Summer Popsicle {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Peekaboo* Mainstore
BLAXIUM -Only you Eyes- Mesh/Omega/BOM {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*BLAXIUM* Mainstore
*B.D.R.* Pool Party -Bikini {Thank You} *Cruel Summer Hunt*
*...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...* Mainstore

Friday, June 12, 2020

Party Starter

>>*Cruel Summer Hunt* June 1st-14th
>>*Equal10* June 10th - July 5th
Listen This - Retro Baby {Thank You} *Cruel Summer Hunt*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
Junk Food - Beerritas {Thank You} *Equal10*
*Junk Food* Mainstore
*[WellMade]* Gil Outfit <Legacy> {Thank You}
*Lush Poses* - BoomBox - Female Pose Pack {Thank You}

Thursday, June 11, 2020

I’m So Into You

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
>>*2ND Chance* June 12th-30th
.::Supernatural::. London Choker Fatpack {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*.::Supernatural::.* Mainstore
*IDTTY FACES* Mainstore
RichB. Sigrid Earrings {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*RichB.* Mainstore
.:I ProFect I:. Puso Eyes {Thank You} *2ND Chance*
*.:I ProFect I:.* Mainstore
enVOGUE - HAIR Britney - Light Colors

Devil Inside

>>*anyBody* June 7th-30th
::OOPS:: Marin Outfit {Thank You} *anyBody*
*::OOPS::* Mainstore

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tell Me Something Good

>>*Unik* June 7th-28th
>>*Suicide DollZ* May 31st - June 10th
B BOS - Hessy Dress - Unik Event <Legacy> {Thank You} *Unik*
*B BOS* Mainstore
things&stuffs [monster stuffies] frankie {Thank You} *Suicide DollZ*
*things&stuffs* Mainstore
** TentatioN ** MakeUp GENUS Cyber Goth {Thank You}

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
-Brusnika- Cathy Dress <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*-Brusnika-* Mainstore
Kokoro - Ice Cream 01 Holding {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Kokoro* Mainstore
*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* So Fly - Sunglasses {Thank You}

And.. Your Point?

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
ArisArisB&W~CoAl76~Topping Leggings {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*ArisArisB&W* Mainstore
BBK: Flare Top FatPack <Legacy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*BBK:* Mainstore
*.::Supernatural::.* Lunya Necklace Set {Thank You}
*#Mewsery* :Little Rebel [Bento] Pose 1B
TRUTH Horizon - Fatpack
-LePunk- Isalie Eyeshadow & Lipstick FATPACK +GENUS+
IVES. stay naked lips. (GENUS) 'FATPACK'
[Enchante'] - Elodie Heels - Legacy


>>*Tlalli* June 7th-28th
LuLu Kali_Ivory/Gold {Thank You} *Tlalli*
*LuLu* Mainstore
*< IDEALIA >* JAYA feet chains {Thank You}
La Mesquita - Dharma {Thank You} *Tlalli*
*The Bearded Guy* Mainstore
*#Mewsery* :Little Rebel [Bento] Pose 3A {Thank You}
.:Mai Bilavio:.GND Collection in NYA (GENUS)
[Pink Fuel] GENUS HD LIPSTICK - Dazzle Me
**RE** Glam Nails & Rings 1.2

Fun in the Sun

>>*eBENTO* June 11th-30th
>>*Under the Sea* June 6th-16th
Tonic - Ipanema String Bikini <Curvy> {Thank You} *eBENTO*
*Tonic* Mainstore
DRAMA-Rideable Seahorse-Yellow {Thank You} *Under the Sea*
*DRAMA* Mainstore
LIVIA // Mix It Bento Nails [Pointed] {Thank You}
LIVIA // Summer Love Polish HUD {Thank You}
LIVIA // Butterfly Bento Ring Set {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore
*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v6.0 {Thank You}
Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair - Ponytail side - White
.:Mai Bilavio:.GND Collection in NYA (GENUS)
[PF] GENUS HD LIPSTICK Applier - Dazzle Me

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


*[SP]* Ascendant Wings Ascend FAT Pack + Wings [TH] {Thank You}
Spider Productions
You Tube
Teegle Horse Avatar v.1.2

All I Want.. is Everything!

>>*The Gacha Life* June 5th-30th
>>*Unik* June 7th-28th
Grumble-Pasties-Flying Hearts RARE <HG> {Thank You} *TGL*
Grumble-Fantapanties-Cat Panties <HG> {Thank You} *TGL*
*Grumble* Mainstore
{Flair 'n' Style} Money Shopping Cart {Thank You} *Unik*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
Foxy - Storm Hair (Grayscale)
.:Mai Bilavio:.GND Collection in NYA (GENUS)
{BK} Kiss Me Lip Palette
**RE** Glam Nails & Rings 1.2
Kibitz - Felicia's thick choker - cutie - black

Monday, June 8, 2020

I Wish You Would

>>*Vintage Fair 2020* June 12th-22nd
>>*The Makeover Room* June 1st-26th
A R T E - Fiore Eyebrows vs. 5 {Thank You} *Vintage Fair 2020*
*A R T E* Mainstore
Zibska ~ Milli Eyemakeup & Lips {Thank You} *The Makeover Room*
*Zibska* Mainstore
*.::Supernatural::.* Bethany Set {Thank You}
Tableau Vivant \\ BunB*tch [Add-on+HB]
okkbye. Lithe Eyelashes Catwa
**RE** Glam Nails & Rings 1.2


>>*Designer Showcase* June 5th-28th
[AB] Valera Swimsuit Flawless <HG> {Thank You} *Designer Showcase*
*American Bazaar* Mainstore
*{BeautyKartel}* Kiss Me Lip Palette {Thank You}
MINA - Sandra - Black and greys
**RE** Glam Nails & Rings 1.2

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Taking a Stroll with ChiChi

!MOZ "Pippa" Halter <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You}
!MOZ "Liza" Skirt <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You}
*!MOZ* Mainstore
*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v6.0 {Thank You}
*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* Kylie - Sunglasses {Thank You}
LIVIA // Mix It Bento Nails [Pointed} {Thank You}
LIVIA // Butterfly Bento Rings {Thank You}
*LIVIA* Mainstore
*[Hopes Creations]* Bria Pointy Heels Fat Pack {Thank You}
#9 {Limerence} Seline hair-B&W
IVES. stay naked lips. (GENUS) 'FATPACK'
Meva Lana Necklaces

Sand & Sea

>>*Under the Sea* June 6th-16th
EC Marina Set <Tonic Curvy> {Thank You} *Under the Sea*
*Emerald Couture* Mainstore
.EscalateD. Arvella {Thank You} *Under the Sea*
*.EscalateD.* Mainstore
*[Cinnamon Cocaine]* Cardi - Sunglasses {Thank You}
*Tonic* - Curvy Beauty v6.0 {Thank You}
IVES. velvet crush lips. (GENUS) 'VIP'


>>*Tlalli The Fair* June 7th-21st
{Flair 'n' Style} Bonsai {Thank You} *Tlalli The Fair*
*{Flair 'n' Style}* Mainstore
.:EMO-tions.. *MEI* -BLACK/WHITE
:: MOMOCHUU :: GENUS Lips applier - Love Set
**RE** Glam Nails & Rings 1.2
bonbon - floralia - dress <maitreya> 1, mask A-1