Thursday, February 15, 2018

Who is Riding With Me?

(AMD) Y2K Leather Pants - Fatpack {Thank You}
LIVIA::Metallic Love Beauty Set {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Bess - VIP Jan2018
#EMPIRE - Square Nails - Medium
-SU!- Lynexia Collar
.:cheeky:. Munique Bra! Black
[ bubble ] X Pasties Set
[BREATHE]-Nova Heels-Black -RARE
(AMD) @ Rewind Taxi
LIVIA:: @ Cosmetic Fair Taxi

Nice & Naughty

[NyDesign] Nice & Naughty Outfit {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
[PF] <Hazel> - Keke - CATWA
[PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier - Sparkle & Shine
Tableau Vivant \\ Rain hair - B+W {Thank You}
**RE** Luxy Rings Set
[NyDesign] @ XXX Taxi

I Survived Y2K!

* Stelloane Daddy's Clubber outfit {Thank You}
[WitchCarft] Mother Goddess Neck - silver - lace {Thank You}
!IT! - Akemi Eyeshadows Set #4 {Thank You}
!IT! - Alba Lipstick Set #7 {Thank You}
!IT! - Lucky In Love Bracelets {Thank You}
~GD~Holo Bella Barbie(Claws) - Vista Bento {Thank You}
* Cute Y2K Computer * {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
TRUTH Hair Montana - Grayscale
*elise* - Lisbeth - BENTO Rings
* Stelloane @ Chapter 4 Taxi
[WitchCarft] @ Suicide Dollz Taxi
!IT! Taxi
~GD~ Taxi
Les sucreries de Fairy @ Rewind Taxi

I’m Outta Here, Peace Out!

M&M Body Shapes Bomba Skirt FatPack {Thank You}
[PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier - Sparkle & Shine
AD - Bound Box - sense
**RE** Luxy Rings Set
Pure Poison - Catsa Sunglasses
*MUKA* Armbands Love
[[ Masoom ]] Sibyl Bento Gloves
:::insanya::: JaneTop - Lust Pack
M&M Body Shapes Taxi

Friday, February 9, 2018


[NyDesign] Apocalyptica Outfit {Thank You}
~GD~Savage Doll Slay - Vista Bento PROHANDS {Thank You}
::HOZ:: [Alpha] Pose Collection #12 *Pose 7* {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
Zibska [Gift] ~ Araceli Makeup
Zibska for Powder Pack May Catwa 2017 ~ Vette Lips
Volthair. Octavia Hair V3 (B&W)-OPEN
.:E.A.Studio Hair Bases Star Shaved Tintable ( Apply CATWA )
Kibitz - Punky collar - Fatpak
[NyDesign] @ The Darkness Monthly Taxi
~GD~ Taxi
::HOZ:: Taxi


sass [cutesy pie] * Feb 12th* {Thank You}
!IT! - Lucky In Love Bracelets {Thank You}
Lil'Bug Love {Thank You}
[PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier - Sparkle & Shine
-Buttery Toast- Magic girl - Pink {Info Unavail.}
**RE** Luxy Rings Set
Bowtique - Cupid Sunglasses
e.marie // Believe In Magic Set
.::Supernatural::. Kimi Necklace Silver {Lace}
Backdrop City *Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Love Scene 2*
sass @ TWE12VE Taxi
!IT! Taxi
Lil'Bug @ The Point Taxi

Thinking of Daddy

The Secret Garden
You need to purchase a Secret Garden HUD each round.
This costs 500L and entitles you to explore our enchanted gardens and
collect our ten hidden butterflies that are hiding beautiful, exclusive items.
Spring: 1st Feb - 13th April
Lush Poses - Spring Garden 10 Pose Bento *The Secret Garden* {Thank You}
.:EC:. Package Thea Sweater White & Shorty K8 - Fatpack {Thank You}
::LL:: Leg Corset Piercing // Silver Metal {Thank You}
Craze LTD Brittany Heels {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
[PF] <Hazel> - Keke - CATWA Applier
pr!tty - Marianna - [Grayscales]
(r)M, Pared-Down Bow Rings // VISTA BENTO
Lush Poses @ *The Secret Garden* Taxi
.:EC:. The Darkness Monthly Taxi
::LL:: @ TODA3 Taxi
Craze LTD Taxi

Red Room of Love

[[Masoom]] Ebony Corset {Thank You}
* Stelloane Sweet Valentina hearts {Thank You}
!IT! - Alba Lipstick *Set 11* {Thank You}
[QE] Serilda Heels -Dark {Thank You}
**SN~Red Valentines Photo Box *Feb 12th* {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
Arte - Yuki Eyeshadow - Gems
[DUE] *Mina* Lake // HUD C,D
**RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set 1.2
Bowtique - Heart Charm Necklace
{NANTRA} Won't You B Mine
[[Masoom]] @The Liaison Collaborative Taxi
* Stelloane @ Chapter Four Taxi
!IT! @ The Makeover Room Taxi
[QE] @ Festish Fair Taxi
**SN~ @ TWE12VE Taxi

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sector Battle

DI: Firefly Top - Purple & DI: Neon Ruffle Skirt {Thank You}
.::Crystal Poses::. Cyber Fight SET {Thank You}
+FCC+ Devil's Dance Shoes Hourglass {Thank You}
!TLB - Pearl Choker w/ HUD {Thank You}
.kosmetik - Summer Gel Nails.solid {toes} {Thank You}
A R T E - Metal Make-Up & Powder Pack Catwa September 2017
little bones. Scope
::SG:: Shaved Base for CATWA - OMEGA - LOGO
**RE** Ice Queen Rings - Bento 2.0
:[P]:- Goth Essentials:// Wave Earrings Noir
.::Supernatural::. Dangerous [Silver]
DI: @ The Darkness Chamber Taxi
.::Crystal Poses::. @ The Darkness Chamber Taxi
+FCC+ @ TODA3 Taxi
!TLB @ TODA3 Taxi
.kosmetik Taxi


Xxxtasi Sweat4Me {Thank You}
!IT! - Akemi Eyeshadows *Set5* {Thank You}
~GD~Bad Things(Spiked Claws) - Vista Bento {Thank You}
[13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa]
[11] Bossie. bubble lipsticks [catwa][greens]
Beusy: Soledad Hairstyle V.2 / Fatpack
**RE** Ice Queen Rings - Bento 2.0
[Cynful] Gratitdute Choker
Blueberry - Tinker - Legwarmer Set - Black
Xxxtasi @ ELITE Taxi
!IT! @ The Avenue Taxi
~GD~ Taxi


::OOPS:: Helena Top {Thank You}
~GD~Bad Things(Spiked Claws) - Vista Bento {Thank You}
::HOZ:: {Dya} Pose Collection #28 *Pose5* {Thank You}
**RE** Ice Queen Rings - Bento 2.0
Love [Kitty Mask] x.x
[LFC] Leg Ribbon, Black, HG & [LFC] Boots, Black, HG
{le fil casse} Adriana Panty Hourglass Black
::OOPS:: @ TODA3 Taxi
~GD~ Taxi
::HOZ:: Taxi